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Bible Quiz on 1 Kings

The book of 1 Kings tells the story of David’s last years as king. He makes Solomon king in his place and gives him instructions and advice. When Solomon becomes king, he proceeds to carry out everything David charged him to do, including building the temple of the Lord. He also builds other palaces and buildings. The Lord appears to Solomon and grants him wisdom. The kingdom under Solomon’s rule was peaceful and became known throughout the world for Solomon’s wise ruling and it’s splendor.

However, Solomon does not remain faithful to the Lord. Because of this, the kingdom of Israel was divided into two kingdoms after Solomon’s death — the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah. The account of the kings of these two kingdoms is recorded in this book. Prominent among them is King Ahab and his wicked Queen Jezebel, who led the kingdom astray by Baal worship.

Elijah was a prophet during the reign of King Ahab. He proclaims that there would be famine in the kingdom for three years. He was fed by ravens and drank water from a brook during the famine. When the brook dries up, he goes and stays with a widow at Zarephath (outside Israel territory), where he performs two miracles – the flour that the widow had would not get over and he raised her dead son to life. After this, he confronts the prophets of Baal in a showdown on Mount Carmel. Queen Jezebel hears about this and threatens to kill him. Elijah runs for his life and is later instructed by the Lord to anoint three people: the future king of Aram, Jehu (who would wipe out Ahab’s entire family and become king in his place) and Elisha (to succeed Elijah).

Take the quiz on 1 Kings below:


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